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"What is EFT's set up statement?"

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

“What is EFT’s set up statement and how does it work?”

You have all the same questions I had, so lets dig in!

The set up statement in EFT is the first thing we tap on when we have something we want to work on. We’re truly, “setting ourselves up” for work. The first half of EFT’s “set up” statement is “Even though..” and it’s always followed by “the problem”. The end of the set up statement involves a positive truth or affirmation and the most simple phrase to use is, "I accept myself."

So the EFT basic set up statement would sound like this:

“Even though I have this problem, I accept myself"

The problem can be ANYTHING you're feeling, so in that case you can quickly ditch the word, "problem" and substitute it for the actual problem like this:

“Even though I’M ANXIOUS...... I accept myself."

“Even though I’M STRESSED….. I accept myself."

“Even though I’M PROCRASTINATING….. I accept myself."

“Even though MY BACK’S INJURED…..I accept myself."

Before I move on, let me point out a new problem that this may have just created for you..... the part where I want you to "Accept yourself". I understand, and there is a solution to that NEW problem you now have but for the purpose of explaining the set up statement in it's most simple form, stay here with me for a minute. If you'd like an alternative option to "accepting yourself", check back for my upcoming post, "But what if I DON'T accept myself?"

Lets continue! We’re used to just FEELING or experiencing “this problem” and want it gone, but don’t know how to make that happen. The reason our body often physically reacts when we’re under stress is because our subconscious wants to keep us safe from feeling it, so it floods us with cortisol in efforts to help us run or hide. This is a whole new problem… we often don’t NEED to run or hide, and usually couldn’t even if we wanted to.

EFT’s set up statement combined with tapping actually works for big problems like this because it puts YOU in control instead of your subconscious. Normally when you feel this problem your brain wants you to run or hide but EFT’s unique set upholds you communicate to that same part of your brain that “normally when I feel this feeling I’m not safe but right now I’m safe to feel it.”

It’s that simple, you just didn’t know how to tell your amygdala that it didn’t need to keep you safe from this problem any longer.

You’ve got this!

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