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"Lindsay is an incredibly intuitive person. She immediately makes you feel comfortable, loved, and empowered. You never ever feel judgement, only love and acceptance. Her EFT therapy/coaching is a powerful and subtle way for you to get to the root of any issues and retrain your subconscious to be able to let go, heal, or whatever it is that you need to do. I highly recommend seeing her."

Mom, Wife, & Beauty Boss

San Luis Obispo, Ca

"This beautiful woman has changed my life for the better. She receives what I can only describe as divine insight and offers it kindly, letting you learn, heal and grow efficiently yet organically. Lindsay is lovely to listen to, truly inspiring and really motivating. I have an extremely traumatic past and Lindsay’s natural ability and carefully chosen training have created a space where I have been able to take the reigns of life back. I will never be done learning of course, but I know I will never be the same. For this I am eternally grateful."


Kingsburg, Ca

“I have been in therapy for years and have felt little to no progress. One session with Lindsay I left feeling calm and collected. Although I cannot explain my experience, it was like nothing I have ever experienced. I feel empowered and capable. Thank you, you were just what I needed and I can’t wait to continue my work with EFT!”


San Luis Obispo, Ca
Testimonials: Testimonial
Testimonials: Testimonial

"Lindsay was the first person to introduce EFT to me. I was confused as to what exactly it was until I agreed to try out a session with her. Boy am I glad that I did! EFT is powerful and has been so healing for me. I have now scheduled multiple sessions for when things come up that I need help working through. Lindsay is safe and not at all judgmental.  I know I can trust her with anything I bring up. I am so thankful that the Lord brought Lindsay and EFT to my life as powerful tools to help me experience the complete freedom He has for me."


Amsterdam, Netherlands

"Crowds caused me so much anxiety, that our very social family was beginning to suffer as I became afraid to leave the house. This wasn't me, but I didn't know what to do to fix it. Today I find myself effortlessly leaving home and entering large crowds to realize that I have zero anxiety. Do you understand how that changes everyday life!?EFT is life changing and I’m in. Now I know what to do, and how healing looks and feels. It's freedom, it's peace, it's making memories fully present with my family and Lindsay has the  tools to create calm - seriously try it. You can heal."


Nipomo, Ca

"I was sick, tired and 400 miles away but Lindsay called me, sure that any time together would be better than none. I was quickly surprised at what came up, something that I didn’t know had a grasp on me-the opinions of others and what they think of me. Within minutes I could feel myself let go of the bad that was holding me back of who I really am. I literally felt lighter, like a huge weight was lifted off of me. As we continued, I realized how much more confident I felt and realized how silly it was that I cared what certain people feel about me, and all along, I wasn’t actually a problem! Not only was I able to abandon that belief that controlled me more than I realized in relationships, but I was able to feel more secure and loved in the opinions of those closest to me who matter most. I actually LAUGHED about it when my session was almost over. What I was holding onto was actually holding me back from the person I really am. Lindsay used EFT to help me find a part of myself that’s been missing for quite some time. I had anxiety at times over the silliest things and after my short session with Lindsay, I feel like myself again! I don’t let the little things get to me! I simply smile and move on."


Beaumont, Ca
Testimonials: Testimonial

unstuck |ˌənˈstuk|
verb unstuck, unsticking;  [ with obj. ] cause to become no longer stuck.

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