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Why does EFT focus on "the negative"?

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Isn't it contradictory to all this "positive thought" stuff we're supposed to practice?

"Even though I HAVE THIS PROBLEM, I accept myself"

"Even though I'M ANXIOUS, I accept myself"

"Even though I injured my back and I'm REALLY FRUSTRATED, I accept myself"

"Even though crying makes me feel WEAK, I accept myself"

When we workout hard, we eliminate toxins by sweating.

When take in liquids, we eliminate them by "pee-ing" (wink)

When we eat, we eliminate it by......... you know. (Now you're catching on)

When we are emotionally hurt.... how do we eliminate the pain? (Crying works great!)

You know that person in your life that seems to re-live and re-tell all their upsetting stories by continuing to talk and talk and TALK about their problem? (If you don't know that person then it might be you. Ask a good friend!)

Now remember... the part of our brain that holds bad memories wants to keep us safe. It doesn't know the difference between an actual threat or the memory of one. This means that recalling something upsetting can cause your fight or flight to be triggered far too often-reinforcing that "you aren't safe to feel this problem. "

So, if 80% of disease is now believed to be caused by emotional "dis-ease" in the body-how do we eliminate it properly?

We TAP while we "feel" that junk!

Yeah, I know "tapping looks weird", get over it cuz there is NOTHING weird about 20 years of anxiety falling away. Tapping lowers your primary stress hormone cortisol which is responsible for that shaky out of control feeling you get when stressed or anxious and a calming signal is sent to the part of your brain that wants you to run-finally disabling the fight or flight response.

The set up statement is telling your brain, "normally when I feel this problem you don't think I'm safe, but right now, I'm telling you that yes I do feel this problem, but that I am safe to feel it."

You're telling your brain, "I've got this! We're safe."

Once you've reached this point, the emotion is able to safely be felt and released once and for all. No longer taking up residency in your body and mind. What FOLLOWS, is an involuntary awareness of things like GRATITUDE, POSITIVE THINKING, PEACE. All the "good" we want to feel instead of the "bad" but to clean a house, we first have to see the dirt. So in the case of EFT, focusing on the negative FIRST, is what allows an outpouring of genuine peace and positivity towards breakthrough and freedom.

So why WOULDN'T you tap?

What emotion seems to sneak up on you during the most unlikely of times? What positive emotion would you prefer to take it's space in your life? I dare you to consider trying this different approach. The time is going to pass anyway.

For a video on this, check out my previous post, it just might help!

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